• Angus Beardthrower

    Angus Beardthrower

    Angus can best be described as an explosion of beard. It's impossible to tell where his rich brown hair ends and his beard starts, and the only visible parts of his face are his light brown eyes and his large red nose. His beard reaches the floor
  • Brakkis Stormfist

    Brakkis Stormfist

    This ancient and wrinkled dwarf has deeply tanned and weatherd skin, bushy white eyebrows ontop of eyes that show a deep weariness. His beard is long, white, and well groomed and the top of his head is bald
  • Captian Sir Marcus Brightstar

    Captian Sir Marcus Brightstar

    Sir Marcus has a stern, serious look etched into his handsom, clean shaven face. He has a strog jaw, silver eyes, flecked with gold, and short, military cut silver hair. His skin is pale and luminescent and lined with several scars.
  • Castien


    Castien is often seen dressed in leaf green and bark brown leathers, carrying an elven crafted longsword and longbow. His black hair is drawn back in a pony tail and his light green eyes seem to look in all directions at once.
  • Elm


    Elm, 5' 9" Sandy blonde hair, fair skin, thin wirey build, thick callused hands, has an easy grin on a boyish face that holds a pair bright green eyes.
  • Grim Demonsbane

    Grim Demonsbane

    Grim stands at 5'8" and has a slight yet wiry build. His face and arms are covered in scars and he has shoulder length black hair, held back from his face by a leather head band. What stands out most are his black, empty, eyes and the longbow he carries.
  • Lt. Amos

    Lt. Amos

    Amos is heavyset man, with a large mustache and a fair amount of grey in his black hair. He stands at 5'10" and appears to be in his mid 40's. He carries himself with a world-weary air.
  • Mara


    Mara is a petite girl standing at 5'3", with a slight build and long, delicate features, she has shoulder length sandy blonde hair, bright green eyes, fair skin, and a shy, bookish demeanor.
  • Maury the Mage

    Maury the Mage

    Maury is a tall, lean man who tends to dress in flashy wizard's robes. He has the air of a showman. He tends to wear colorful hats and a pair of spectals that may change color, tint, and shape at a whim
  • Ogre


    Ogre stands at just under 9 ft tall, has shaggy black hair and pale grey skin, covered in coarse black hair. His eyes are black with a red iris. His arms are ape-like and are thick as tree trunks, matching his overmuscled frame.
  • Percy Cooper

    Percy Cooper

    Percy is a stern looking man in his early 30's. He stands at 6' ft and has a thin build, will a clean shaven face and short red hair. He has blue eyes and his skin is fair and slightly freckled.
  • Rary Stormfist

    Rary Stormfist

    Rary is a fairly rotund dwarf, somewhat barrel shaped, with thick muscular arms and a long black beard. He tends to have a jovial look on his face accompanied by an easy grin.
  • Sydney Chase

    Sydney Chase

    Sydney Stands at 5'6", she has a dancer's build, and long flowing red hair. She has intense green eyes, an alluring smile, and is, in so many words, mesmerizing to behold.
  • Tanmendon


    Tanmendon is a tall, thin elf, with high cheek bones, severe features, and long well kept auburn hair. his green eyes hold a kindness in them and he has the slightly ethereal look of an ancient elf.
  • Thimbleknocker Flumpfumble

    Thimbleknocker Flumpfumble

    Thimble has a tall brown hat perched ontop of a clean yet messy batch of blue hair, he has black beady eyes and a huge mishapen nose underwhich is a pencil thing mustache and matching goatee
  • Voxx Nu

    Voxx Nu

    Voxx is a kobold that stands at barely 2 ft tall, and has a very slight build. His scales are black with golden flecks and his eyes are golden in coloration.
  • Wayne Ballenger

    Wayne Ballenger

    Wayne is an old man, in his late 60's, with grey hair, brown eyes and a leathery, wrinkled , weathered face, clean shaven. He walks with a limp and has many scars from his days as an adventurer, and has a no nonsense attitude.
  • Wilbur Roach

    Wilbur Roach

    Wilbur is a heavy set man who stands at just over 6ft in height. He has short cropped black hair and brown eyes with bushy eyebrows and a round face that has an almost permanent 5'o'clock shadow.