Rary Stormfist

Rary is a fairly rotund dwarf, somewhat barrel shaped, with thick muscular arms and a long black beard. He tends to have a jovial look on his face accompanied by an easy grin.


Rary is the eldest of Brakkis Stormfist’s three sons. Rary tends to the bar most days from 6 in the morning to 6 at night, and enjoys the friendship and respect of most of teh bars patrons. Since the excavation and settling of the undercity he has taken over his father’s duties topside and in addition to tending the bar he handles a good portion of the settlements logistics.

Rary’s wife Hildegaard and his 5 children, 3 sons and 2 daughters, are often seen in and around the bar. His wife handling the kitchens, his daughters serving patrons, and his sons working as brewers, coopers, and merchants.

In Rary’s youth he was a well known adventurer and warrior, however that was a couple hundred years ago, now he is quite content to let his armor gather dust while he takes care of a business and family he loves. He has come to look at much of Buckle’s Troupe as an extended family.

Rary Stormfist

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