Brakkis Stormfist

This ancient and wrinkled dwarf has deeply tanned and weatherd skin, bushy white eyebrows ontop of eyes that show a deep weariness. His beard is long, white, and well groomed and the top of his head is bald


Class: Cleric 20 / Hierophant 5


Brakkis is often seen tending to his bar, the Empty Barrel, in the city of Ravensbluff. He is the head of the Stormfist clan and one of the few remaining survivors of the dwarven kingdom that once controlled the entire Vast. The one thing keeping him going at his extremely advanced age is his determination to see his lost home one last time. At the moment he is organizing a large force of dwarves, his remaining kin, in restoring the dwarven city, Sarbreen, below Ravensbluff and those who know him well have seen much of his weariness fade away the further they delve in to the ancient ruins.

Brakkis Stormfist

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