Captian Sir Marcus Brightstar

Sir Marcus has a stern, serious look etched into his handsom, clean shaven face. He has a strog jaw, silver eyes, flecked with gold, and short, military cut silver hair. His skin is pale and luminescent and lined with several scars.


Class: Paladin 17


Marcus is the eldest son of Thorin Brightstar, and is the Captain of the Ravensbluff Watch, as well as a renowned Knight of the Griffon. He is known for his devotion to Tyr, and justice, as well as being quite fair handed, even if he does everything by the letter of the law. He shows very little of his drow heritage, very clearly showing more of his Aasimar blood. Marcus tends to show very little emotion and is devoted to his work. As such he has very little social life and has even become somewhat estranged from his family, though he is fiercly loyal to them.

Captian Sir Marcus Brightstar

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