Grim Demonsbane

Grim stands at 5'8" and has a slight yet wiry build. His face and arms are covered in scars and he has shoulder length black hair, held back from his face by a leather head band. What stands out most are his black, empty, eyes and the longbow he carries.


Grim’s most defining features are the bottomless black eyes that adorn his scarred and clean shaven face and the beautifully, and disturbingly, carved composite longbow he carries with him. His Bow is carved from some black material that is quite difficult to identify. The bow is carved in the shape of hundreds of demons and devils wailing in pain. The wailing demons make up two larger shapes of asuccubus and an erinyes, their feet meeting at the grip and their wings stretching up to hold the bowstring between their wing tips. The bowstring appears to be made of a dark, blood colored material, and the most notable thing is that Grim carries no visible quiver to carry arrows.

Not much is known about this mysterious figure, only that he is a renowned demon hunter and was invited for an audience with the ruler of Calimport. His blazing white arrows seem capable of delivering true death to demons, devils and possibly other outsiders, even when they are not on their home plane.

Grim Demonsbane

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