Buckle's Magnificent Troupe

Buckle’s Magnificent Troupe is a band of adventurers that have coem together from various parts of Faerun. Buckle Cherryblossom has claimed leadership of the Troupe simply by declaring, loudly and frequently, that the party is his “Magnificent Troupe”, even going so far as to register them with teh Raven’s Bluff adventurer’s guild. Having picked up so many members in their travels the Troupe has purchased land in Raven’sbluff and built a guildhouse to house and organize them all. Word of the Troupe has spread all across the realms and their fame now quite often precedes them wherever they go, as well they are drawing much attention from would be adventurers who are seeking them out to join the Troupe for a piece of the fame, treasure, or just a chance to do good in the realms. The Bard known as “The Slayer” has composed several epic tales, ballads, and poems, and they are quite popular in the Vast.

Main Troupe Members:

Buckle Cherryblossom

Edgar of the Coast

Sir Sigmar Winter

Theraval Dragonheart



Ottoman the Slayer


Secondary Troupe Members:

Sydney Chase


Wayne Ballenger

Wilbur Roach



Thimbleknocker Flumpfumble

Buckle's Magnificent Troupe

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