Evermeet, sometimes known as the Green Isle, is the final destination for all non-drow Tel’Quessir (meaning elves and eladrin) on Faerûn. As of 1368 DR it is under the reign of Amlaruil Moonflower, a moon elf and a widow of Zaor Moonflower, a moonblade wielder who was killed by a sun elf. She rules from its capital city of Leuthilspar, and is home to many prominent Tel’Quessir houses, including the Durothils. Evermeet is seen as the last true kingdom of the Tel’Quessir, which very few non-elves have ever been permitted to visit.

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The north of the island is made up of rugged terrain with steep headlands and covered in dark pine forest.[5]

Notable towns include Leuthilspar (the capital), Taltempla, Elion, Ruith, Nimlith, and Drelagara. On an island off the east coast stands Sumbrar, a large fortress that stands guard against invaders.


Many have tried to invade the island over the years, including the Red Wizards, the Zhentarim, the drow and various pirates of the Sword Coast and the Trackless Sea.

In 1371 DR an invasion force led by Kymil Nimesin made it past the island defences and finally brought war to the elven retreat. Kymil Nimesin with help from Lloth successfully arranged for the Ityak-Ortheel a creature of Malar to be brought to the island. Lloth was also responsible for rendering all elfgates inoperable by linking them all to a single entity in a gem held by Kymil Nimesin thereby preventing notables like Laeral Silverhand and Khelben Arunsun from rendering aid.

In 1374 DR the Island Kingdom was assaulted by Daemonfey. These demonic Tel’Quessir, who were imprisoned as a means of punishment for consorting with demons, raided Tower Reilloch, a tower of mages in Evermeet. They sought a piece of a legendary artifact that, when made whole, had the power to release the imprisoned army of the Daemonfey. While doing so they planted a lore gem containing information that no Daemonfey could access, in an attempt to trick the Tel’Quessir into unlocking it and handing them the information. Evermeet unofficially sent an army to Faerûn under the command of Lord Seiveril Miritar, a priest of Corellon Larethian, to assist the Tel’Quessir of Evereska and the High Forest in their fight against the Daemonfey. After successfully repelling the daemonfey in Evereska, Seiveril’s army pursued their foe to Cormanthyr.

Since then, to date, peace has reigned on the Isle of Evermeet, though it remains as removed from the rest of the realms as ever, with one exception. Due to the recovery of several artifacts and the body of the human Tormite hero Fflar from the time Myth Drannor, a shrine has been built on Evermeet and permission to those of Torm’s faith has been given to make a pilgrimage to visit the sacred place.


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