Myth Drannor

Myth Drannor was formerly known as (the city of) Cormanthor, the City of Song, or the City of Love, as well as many other names. It has lain in ruins since it fell in 714 DR. It fell to demons during the Weeping War, a dangerous place full of monsters and forgotten treasures.


Whilst in ruins, the powerful magic of Myth Drannor still leaked out from the ruin, affecting Cormanthor in several ways, such as the weather being milder than it should have been, with cooler summers and warmer winters, and there being far more plant and animal species in Cormanthor than any other woodland of its kind.

There were pockets of Cormanthor that would cause magic (spells and effects) to behave in unpredictable ways. According to Elminster Aumar these pockets were created as a result of the breakup of the mythal.


Myth Drannor was founded as Cormanthor in -3983 DR by the Coronal Kahvoerm Irithyl. For over four thousand years, the city prospered with little incident.

Coronal Eltargrim Irithyl decided that if Cormanthyr was to survive, its people must make peace with the other races, so Eltargrim set about organizing the eladrin wizards to create a mythal. It was completed in 261 DR, and its construction marked the “Opening”; the Coronal opened the city of Cormanthor to all non-Tel’Quessir, and the city was crowned Myth Drannor.

The Opening marked the begining of the Golden Age of Myth Drannor, when the city prospered and many races flourished amid its towers. Many demihuman groups came to the city during this time, including dwarves, gnomes, and halflings. Myth Drannor reached a peak of power and culture in 661 DR, with all its races living in unity.

Following the death of Eltargrim in 661 DR, the city was left without a leader. By Midsummer 667 DR the Council of Twelve was in control of Cormanthyr and Myth Drannor. This council soon forgot the dreams of the Coronals and took to bettering their own agendas; the nobles made trade deals that favoured their own houses and influence, and worked to set up power holds in the sister cities. With Myth Drannor failing as a capital, Cormanthyr dissolved into city states within four decades amid divisive in-fighting among the council and the guilds

Fall: The Weeping War

The Weeping War was a battle that culminated on 15 Flamerule, 714 DR, in which the Akh’Velahr (the army of Cormanthor) were defeated by the invading demonic forces named the Army of Darkness, leading to the fall of the elven city of Myth Drannor, the greatest and most powerful bastion of civilisation by far at the time.


The exact power responsible for the original demonic summoning is unknown, but it is believed to have been a flind or orc shaman, or a human archmage. This unknown individual summoned yugoloths to raid the lands of the Dragonreach, but Aulmpiter, Gaulguth and Malimshaer broke free of their master’s control and rounded up huge numbers of goblinkin in the surrounding area.


Word of this large army reached Captain Fflar of Myth Drannor, who set a watchpost north of the city at Helmgrove, appointing the company named the Shield of Myth Drannor to it. The entire company was destroyed by the demonic forces.

Burnt Ridge

A second pre-battle stand was made at Burnt Ridge, where hundreds of the defending wizards were killed.


Fflar set about evacuating the city of all non-combatants, but this began too late and the evacuation continued even as the battle began.

Siege of Shadow

The siege of Myth Drannor by the Army of Darkness was named the Siege of Shadow and began on 21 Kythorn, 714 DR. The forward army and the best wizards have been defeated by this point, and only three thousand defenders remain.


Thousands of the Army of Darkness were slain in the battle itself, but they were far too numerous to be stopped by the defenders. They overran the city, burning and pillaging it entirely. Much destruction was caused when wizard towers, still occupied by wizards who had refused to leave, were blown apart, spreading much devastation and unpredictable magic across the city.

Banes’ Duel

At the climax of the battle, Aulmpiter called Fflar forward and the two engaged in one-on-one combat that became known as the Banes’ Duel. Both Fflar and Aulmpiter were slain when a magical blast engulfed them. Their bodies were never recovered.


Only two hundred elves and allies out of the 3000 who remained behind to defend the city escaped. After this, the directionless remnants of the Army of Darkness spread out as far as Sembia. The elves living in the woods around Myth Drannor spent two years ridding their land of the bugbears, flinds, gnolls and orcs who had been part of the army, taking heavy casualties. The elves who took over the ruins of the city ensured that the surrounding area was closed off from outsiders and those of other races, so that another army could not invade.

Interim to date:

For over six centuries, the elves kept the place hidden and sealed for the most part, and the city became a legend, one of the most dangerous adventuring sites in all of Faerûn. The Troupe, forced in to the heart of the ruins by fell magics, made there way through the ruined city, to the site of the Bane’s Duel, where they recovered the remains of Captian Fflar.

Myth Drannor

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