Procampur is the richest of the independent cities of the Vast, challenged only by Ravens Bluff and Tantras. It was a booming city before the founding of the Standing Stone and the creation of Dale-Reckoning. The city-state is bordered on the north coast of the Sea of Fallen Stars and the eastern shore of the Dragon Reach.

From its early days until now, it has been a city noted for its skilled goldsmiths, ornate and fine quality hardware (smithy work), and gem cutters. It is ruled by a hereditary overlord with the title of Thultyrl. The present Thultyrl is a young man, Rendeth of the Royal Blood, who is aided by the Hamayarch, the mage advisor to the Thultyrl.

Beyond the Thultyrl’s Castle, the city was divided into areas reserved not so much for differing classes, but for differing activities. The eight districts are delineated with walls of 15 feet high. Royal orders are strict with regard to which activities may be performed in which district.

The city is roughly circular. Two stub walls curve southwest to meet the shore, forming a crescent outside the circle. This crescent is the port, where visitors and citizens come and go freely, acting more or less as they please. The Great Way is a broad avenue that runs from the Port District up to the Thultyrl’s castle. Opening off this walled avenue are gates into the eight inner city districts, each with is own guards. Each district also has gates into adjacent districts. Each district is marked by slate roofs of a different color.

Adjoining the Castle District on the north is the silver-roofed, luxurious Nobles District, followed (as one goes west back to the harbor) by the yellow-roofed Services District, home to all Procampan servants, handypeople, restaurants, and taverns. West of that is the blue-roofed Sea District, home to sailors, outfitters, and cargo-storage and shipping businesses. West of Sea District is the harbor.

Moving inland along the south side of the Great Way, one finds the gray-roofed District of the Poor, where the Thultyrl owns all buildings. Most buildings here are rooming houses. Long-term visitors may dwell here alongside beggars, the unemployed, and the poorest city laborers. There’s no stigma to dwelling in “Graystreets.” Next is the narrow, red-roofed Adventurers’ District, home to all who make their living by exploration or other dangerous pursuits, and to businesses having to do with weapons and their use. This gives way to the sea-green roofs of the Merchant District, containing the homes and shops of all Procampan merchants whose businesses aren’t directly concerned with the sea or adventuring. This, in turn, adjoins the Temple District, where all buildings have shining black roofs.


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