Westgate is the oldest, richest and most corrupt port in the Sea of Fallen Stars. It gets the nickname, Gateway to the West, from its role as the Inner Sea’s most prolific port city. A person from Westgate is known as a Westar or a Westhavian. It is an open city that welcomes all races and all religions

History of Westgate:

This area of the Dragon Coast was first settled by humans from the Vilhon Reach roughy 3,000 years ago. The largest place was the human town of Westgate, ruled cruelly by the great topaz dragon Kisonraathiisar.

In -349 DR Saldrinar destroys Kisonraathiisar and becomes Westgate’s first human king.

By the Year of the Ageless One Westgate was one of the few free cities left on the Dragon Coast not occupied by either Cormyr or Sembia. In order to preserve its independence Westgate plays both powers against each other, perhaps even supporting insurrections within Cormyr’s borders to stem its expansionism.

Noble Houses:

Athagdal: symbol is a set of russet weighing scales Bleth: symbol is seven suns Cormaeril: symbol is a red wyvern and a silver hor Guldar: symbol is a black hawk Malavhan: symbol is a red sun Ssemm: symbol is an ivory bird’s claw Thalavar: symbol is a green feather Thorsar: symbol is a blue hand holding corn Urdo: symbol is a yellow eye Vhammos: symbol is a steel-gray open hand

The Guard:

Though still quite corrupt there are those among them who do work towards the betterment of Westgate. One of those was Lt. Amos , who is now deceased. His replacement, Sgt. Risa Hauth , has also shown herself to be an honest and trustworthy member of those seeking to end the rampant crime in the city.

Map and key of Westgate http://bp1.blogger.com/_83D7KonXoFo/RxvvDBn0L1I/AAAAAAAAAGo/aZBCqaFTG-U/s1600-h/westgate.jpg


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